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volunchasthubby asked: You say that your GF is not interested in e-stimming. Does she mind at all that you use it for masturbation? And how did she first react to it when you discussed it?

She doesn’t really mind, but I don’t think she really likes it either.  I only do it when she is away.  Her first reaction was that I was crazy running electricity through my junk, lol.  I continue to try to talk her into letting me use it on her.


Anonymous asked: How i can build one? Do you have any tutorials or something? Regards


rata2e-deactivated20131222 asked: Thanks for posting your excellent videos.

Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do making them.

Another of my videos from XTube

Since Tumblr doesn’t allow videos any more (sexual ones anyway), here’s a few videos I’ve posted on XTube.


Anonymous asked: Hi, I really like the conductive rubber trodes that you made & posted on SmartStim. Was wondering what size tubing you used to make them. Purchased from happystim-usa, I assume? Thanks for your help, really appreciate all of the info on your blog. Also, love your videos and was a bit sad to see that you took some of them down. Thanks again.

It’s the 6x2mm conductive rubber tubing purchased from happystim-USA as you suspected.

As for the videos, I didn’t take them down, Tumblr did. Apparently at some point they changed their policy and do not allow videos of a sexual nature. Any videos that were already uploaded by that date they left alone, but any new ones get deleted, sometimes right away but sometimes it takes a while.

I need to upload them all to xtube or something like that and just link them, but haven’t gotten around to it.


Anonymous asked: hi ive just bought an estim series 1 and im wondering if you have any advice to start off , ive played around with the settings but im not sure what i should be aiming for to achive a hfo

In short, no. You’ll just have to play around with different electrode placements and settings to see what works for you.


Anonymous asked: how tight should the connections on you cock be ?

As loose as possible while still making solid contact.